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Image Loader Library""> "Picasso Android Tutorial - Android Picasso Image Loader Library"

"In this tutorial we will see the picasso android library to load image from a url. Picasso Android library is one of the most popular library used ... Picasso.with(this) load("YOUR IMAGE URL HERE" ... when i try to set image i got error image how i know which error is thare i print url ... "

"Add a Background to a Blogger Post - Blogger Tips Pro"

"Choose the 'Resize Image' option if your image is really large. In my cse this image is 4000x3000 pixels - much too large: ... You'll want to make the image ... Once you've uploaded the image, Blogger will have the URL of it buried within your HTML of the post."

"Code it Pretty: Customizing the Older and Newer Post Links in ... "

"If you don't see the "link to this photo" option, or if the options don't match what you see here, you can get your image's URL by right clicking it and selecting "copy image location" or "copy image URL" from the menu. ... home-link { font-family: 'YOUR FONT NAME HERE', FALLBACK FONT ... "