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Update a file in C

Hi all, I'm getting an annoying problem...I have been able to append data at the end of a file without any problem. But now I'm trying to open a text

C# Programming :: How to update a text file

Hi, I have to open a text file in c# and read few lines and then I need to update some lines in the middle of the file. I can read and write by using

How To Insert Update A Text File Content In C#

How To Insert Update A Text File Content In C# I need to insert and edit a textfile content in C#. How to find the line number of the text file.

How to update a text file - C# / C Sharp

How to update a text file. C# / C Sharp Forums on Bytes. ... Hi, I have to open a text file in c# and read few lines and then I need to

regex - update a text file in C# - Stack Overflow

I have a text file. I need to find some data and update some data. Let me explain it with an example. This is my text file: NAME:Date VALUE:02/03/2011 NAME:NoOfPages ...

update , delete in text file | DaniWeb

Hi frnz, i am having text file , in that "ID", "firstname ... on perticular record from gridview for to update or delete , it should be updated or deleted from text file.

C - Reading from a Text File

C - Reading from a Text File. /* ** File FILE_3.C ** ** Illustrates how to read from a file. ** ** The file is opened for reading. Each line is successively fetched ...

How to: Write to a Text File (C# Programming Guide)

These examples show various ways to write text to a file. ... You can modify the path if necessary. ... File.WriteAllLines(@"C:\Users\Public\TestFolder\WriteLines. txt", lines); // Example #2: Write one string to a text file. string text = "A class is the ...

how to edit a line from a text file using c#

I need to update a line from that text file using C#, how do I do that? ... newFile. Append(line + "\r\n");. } File.WriteAllText(@"C:\Documents and ...

Edit a specific Line of a Text File in C - Stack Overflow

I have two text files, Source.txt and Target.txt, the source will never be ... You can't rewrite a line without rewriting the entire file (unless the lines ...

Simple Text File Operations in C#. | C# Help

C-Sharp provides a File class which is used in manipulating text files. The File class is within the System namespace. Also we can use the StreamReader and ...

File Management in C

Open and read from a text file using C. 4. ... not closed the operating system cannot finish updating its own ... For this reason a text file is usually opened for only ...

C Programming - File management in C

C Programming - File management in C. Author: Ramesh B Published on: 31st May 2006 | Last Updated on: 4th Mar 2011 ...

Editing txt file - C++ Forum

Apr 20, 2009 ... and need to edit the file now. can anyone help? ... and open an output text file ofstream outfile( "C:\\AppointmenRecords.txt" ,ios::out | ios::app); ...

Batch / Find And Edit Lines in TXT file - Stack Overflow

i want to let the batch file find 'ex3' and edit this to 'ex5' to let it look like this: ... FileSystemObject") strFile = "c:\test\file.txt" Set objFile = objFS.

Edit hosts file in Windows 7 & Windows Vista | Windows Reference

As always the “host” file is under C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ or ..... Every time I try this I update the file and go to save and it only lets me save it as a .txt file ...