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Apple Retina MacBook Air release date, news and rumours

11/30/2014 9:00:27 PM

As the old adage goes: the best things in life are worth waiting for, and Apple's long-awaited Retina MacBook Air has the potential to be the best all-round MacBook yet.Apple's current MacBook Air machines have excellent battery life and portability, but… read more

7Gif is an animated Gif player for Windows

11/30/2014 12:00:27 PM

Animated gifs have made a comeback in recent time. Not on personal homepages but as short viral video clips that get posted in the hundreds each day on sites such as Reddit, 4Chan or Imgur. While some are trying to kill animated gifs for good, by replaci… read more

Surface Pro 3 vs iPad Air 2: which is better for business?

11/29/2014 2:00:27 PM

Introduction and Surface Pro 3Microsoft is going for the jugular. In recent ads, the tech giant has made a direct comparison to Apple products – usually the Surface tablet against the MacBook Air laptop.For business users, a more apt comparison – because… read more

Industry voice: How to remove your data from the internet

11/29/2014 12:00:31 PM

Nearly 90 years after his death, Harry Houdini is still revered for escaping a straitjacket while suspended upside down from a crane, and living to tell about being buried alive and submerged in water. He was the master of removing himself from one seemi… read more

How to use NoScript efficiently

11/29/2014 6:59:59 AM

Whenever I speak to someone who used NoScript for a day or two I'm told that the add-on is complicated and a nuisance. NoScript, for those of you who do not know it, is an add-on for the Firefox web browser whose main feature is the blocking of scripts r… read more